Steelers Win Division In 2014

The Pittsburgh Steelers Aim For A Return To The Playoffs Division

Pittsburgh Steelers tickets should be a bit more expensive this year because they should be a competitive force within the AFC Central. The team is trying to replace linebacker Lamar Woodley with the younger linebacker Ryan Shazier. The team has really struggled with the offensive line in the last couple of years and it may be hard for them to compete with a great blitzing defense like that of the Baltimore Ravens. The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to need a stronger performance from a tackle like Marcus Gilbert. Gilbert has underperformed since he came out of the University of Florida. There were high hopes and expectations pinned on him and somewhere he has yet to justify the hype around him.


LeGarrete Blount and LeVeon Bell can play a role within the running game for the Steelers. Blount will likely be the backup running back on the roster. The Steelers have brought in Lance Moore and Darius Heyward Bay. Moore is expected to make the roster, but it really isn’t guaranteed for a guy like Heyward Bay. Seven out of Ten times you cannot accurately predict if he will make it to the final team or not. The Steelers are getting younger at a number of different positions and Jarvis Jones is one of those linebackers that people really seem to have high expectations of, coming into this season. The Week 3 game at the Carolina Panthers is going to be a good indication of whether the Steelers have progressed or not. The home game against the Indianapolis Colts is going to make a big difference when the Steelers are attempting to defend a receiver like Hakeem Nicks. The Pittsburgh Steelers have to have high expectations from a veteran defensive back like Ike Taylor.


Rob Blanchflower has been drafted as a tight end in order to help with the blocking system that the Steelers want to implement. Matt Spaeth may be known as more of a pass catching tight end and the Pittsburgh Steelers need to have a guy like Blanchflower ready in order to set things up properly. He is the man who will structure the entire game plan for them. Bruce Gradkowski has been brought on board in order to be dependable as a backup quarterback. Gradkowsi should have a good grasp of the system. His wealth of experience is expected to come in handy for the Steelers.

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