Mormon Spoof

Book of Mormon is a Hilarious Spoof of Religion

get your Book of Mormon discount tickets today to see this religious book full of satire, lyrics and captivating music composed by Matt Stone, Trey Parker and Robert Lopez. The book revolves around the stories of two Mormon missionaries in the deep remote villages of Uganda in Africa. The locals live in fear due to the occasional threats from a no-nonsense warlord. The missionaries’ work is thwarted as they finally discover that is difficult to encourage the locals by reading scriptures from the Book of Mormon. The locals are living in stress and discontentment from war, poverty, famine and the AIDS thus find it difficult to concentrate on religious matters. Their basic issues itself are so pressing that they don’t pay attention to what these missionaries are trying to tell them. Through their creative use of music in the book, the cast entered in Broadway in 2011, and their creativity has earned the book various awards through theatre plays.

The book has won nine Tony Awards through Broadway and this shows how the ingenuity of the composers has finally given them their desired efforts. Tony awards are given after achievements in Broadway theatre in New York City every year. It is indeed a very prestigious award. The Music received these awards due to their performance and how they were developed to eventually form a special concept. It has also won the Tony Awards for best musicals, Tony Awards for Best Book of Musicals and Tony Awards for Best Original score. These are great achievements that have enabled this book to be ranked right at the top when it comes to a combination of art in music and Broadway presence. The Book of Mormon defied all odds, and nobody could imagine that its setting in a remote African village in Uganda will ever guarantee it the chance to become the highest charting album in Broadway in over 40 years. As you can see, it has now managed to be ranked Number 3 in the Billboard charts.

The following cast played an instrumental role that ensured its Broadway achievements. So we have Casey Nicholaw as the production choreographer; he also acts as the co-director together with Parker. Scott Pask is the Set designer and Ann Roth as the Costume designer. These master technicians have raised the bar when it comes to styling and presentation of Broadway Musicals. More power to them!

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