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The Los Angeles Dodgers are a professional baseball team based in Los Angeles, California. They are part of the National League in the Western division of the Major Baseball League. The club was established in 1883 and has been in Los Angeles since 1958. Before moving to Los Angeles they used to play their baseball in Brooklyn New York. Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets are hard to come by so search the internet hard.

They used to play their baseball at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum but have since moved and currently play at Dodger Stadium which is the 3rd oldest park in Major league history. Currently they have won six world series and 21 National league pennants. Evidently, their track record has been pretty neat and they plan to continue their winning streak.


Andre Ethier, born on April 1982 is among the star players on the team currently. He is 32 years old with a baseball experience of 8 years as a professional player. He has a height of 6’2 and weighs 200lbs.

Zack Greinke who was born on October 21st, 1983, has a baseball experience of 10 years. He has a height of 6’2 and weighs 195 lbs. He has always delivered for the Dodgers on a regular basis. He’s their go-to man.

Adrian Gonzalez, born on May 1982, with a baseball experience of 10 years. He is 6’2 tall with a weight of 225lbs. He is always a regular on the starting line-up and always ready for a good fight.

Carl Crawford is among the newest rising stars in the baseball world. With an experience of over 12 years, he is a top performer for the Dodgers. He was born on August 1981 and is 31 years now.

Clayton Kershaw is among the youngest members of the Dodgers that have hit their career high. At 26 years old, Clayton is already a star and a fan favorite with his performances.

Josh Beckett is another star at 33 years old with a 13 years experience.

Hanley Ramirez is 30 year old from the Dominican Republic is another great star.


The Los Angeles baseball team is always full of star and top quality players. It is even hard to identify some as stars and leave others out but these are the fans’ favorites. They have been delivering for the crowd and over time have developed a loyal fan following for themselves. The Dodgers are on track to have a great season. If you are in Los Angeles, be sure to head over to Dodgers Stadium to watch a great game!

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