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July of ’14 Promises Excellent Live Rock Shows in Columbus

If you are in or near Columbus, Ohio and like live shows, this upcoming summers music season includes some of the biggest names in rock music so buy concert tickets online to save time. Whether you’re an old-school head-banger or you prefer Top 40 Rock, there is sure to be a show to suit your tastes. Here are some of the most interesting upcoming concerts in Columbus.

July 8th, Motley Crue and Alice Cooper will be taking the stage at the Value City Arena at 7 PM. The members of 80s heavy metal band, Motley Crue, are on a definitive farewell, having signed a ‘death pact’ guaranteeing their retirement after this tour. If you ever intend to sing along to Smoking in the Boys’ Room, throw your bra at Nikki Sixx or flash Vince Neil, this is your final chance to do so under the original Motley Crue banner. Glam rocker Alice Cooper, who is now 66 years of age, will be strutting in heavy eyeliner and frightening pants as well. He will doubtless perform his hits, such as Poison and School’s Out. Whether or not he breaks a hip, the show is sure to be a riot. Don’t miss out.

Later the same month, on the 13th, Sublime featuring Rome will be performing at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion. Rome, standing in for the late Brad Nowell as frontman, will likely be performing newer material such as Take It Or Leave It in addition to the old songs like Wrong Way. Rome is not Nowell and does not attempt to match the late singer, but he is talented in his own right. This alt rock band has plenty to offer, so give Rome a chance.

If you’re a fan of album-oriented rock, Heart is making an appearance at the Celeste Center on July 30th. The Wilson sisters never disappoint and will probably be playing a wide range of hits spanning the last 30 years. Magic Man, Crazy On You, Who Will You Run To, and All I Want to Do Is Make Love to You, among others, will be on the playlist. Anyone over 30 will remember this band for their amazing vocal range from the radio throughout the late seventies to the present day.

No matter what your taste in rock music, July is a packed month for awesome live show in Columbus. Treat yourself to a live show by rock legends this summer!

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