New York Yankees Highest Paid

You don’t have to be a baseball fan to know who the New York Yankees are; they are just too big of a deal to be ignored. The team is home to some of the most talented and highest paid players in the MLB. To put it into perspective, together, the team’s three top earners make more money than all Houston Astros players combined. That fact alone makes me feel very poor. Ticketmaster.com has great Yankees single game tickets to purchase.

CC Sabathia
Carsten Charles Sabathia Jnr also known as CC Sabathia Junior is one of the best Pitchers there is. Born in 1980, he started his Major League Baseball career in 2001 with the Cleveland Indians. 7 years later (2008) he signed with the Brewers. He joined the Yankees in 2009 and became the highest earning pitcher in the history of baseball with a salary of $24.2 million. He has featured in 6 all-star games. Some of his career stats (As of May 4th 2014) include: an ERA of 3.63, 37 complete games and a 208-119 win-loss record. He is truly one of the greatest baseball players of all time.

Mark Teixeira
Born in 198,2 Mark Teixeira plays first baseman. In college he played for the Yellow Jackets (Georgia Tech) and even won player of the year in 2001. He started his MLB career in 2003 under the Texas Rangers after which he played briefly for the Atlanta Braves and the LA Angels. He joined the Yankees in 2009. Teixiera earns $23.1 million. He has won the Golden Glove Award 5 times and featured in two all-star games. This is how his stats looked like as of May 4th 2014 – 1602 hits, 953 runs, 1123 RBIs and a .278 batting average. He’s been one of the devastating, gifted hitters in the history of the game.

Masahiro Tanaka
Masahiro Tanaka is one of Japan’s best exports to the MLB and only recently signed with the Yankees. This 25-year old starting pitcher takes home $22 million every year. He made his debut as a professional baseball player at the age of 19 in Japan’s MLB equivalent, Nippon Professional Baseball. The first team he played for was Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles. He is yet to win any awards in the states but during his time in Japan he featured in five consecutive all-star games. But one just cannot ignore the fact that he is the most promising young sensation in the Yankees side.

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