Getting Ahead!

Baltimore Orioles looking to distance themselves

The Baltimore Orioles have just swept the Tampa Bay Rays and that has let them get ahead from the rest of the teams in their division. Get cheap Baltimore Orioles Tickets online quick! It was a big winning streak and they needed it badly as they now have momentum in favor of them going into their next few games. After sweeping Tampa Bay out, they are now 4 games above .500 with an 18-14 record. That is a big jump. The Houston Astros are now next in their schedule and they will play against them over the weekend for three games. The Astros have been struggling recently so the Baltimore Orioles have to be favored in all of those games. They are .5 games ahead of the New York Yankees for the lead in the division so they must keep a close eye on how the games of the Yankees turn out this weekend as the Yankees are going to take on the Milwaukee Brewers in Milwaukee. The two teams look to slug it out as the games are expected to be close. Be ready for an enthralling few days of intense on-field rivalry.

The Baltimore Orioles have yet to play consistent baseball this season but consecutive sweeps might just do the trick. This was much needed since after the initial few losses, the last victory has given them the necessary impetus to get right back into winning ways and ensuring that they are still in competition. They should not be caught looking ahead to their game against the Detroit Tigers who at 20-10 have the best record in the league. I think the Orioles will indeed sweep the Astros this weekend and the Yankees won’t be able to sweep the Brewers since they are going to play in Milwaukee and their screaming fans will play a major factor in there. These fans always back their team till the very end! The standings won’t mean much in May though since we still have a lot of baseball to be played before the start of the playoffs.

However, it would do a lot to the confidence of the team as a unit as they get used to playing with each other for the long haul. They also give fans what they want and that is wins. The fans come there rooting for their favorite team and that’s what both the teams thrive in.

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